Friday, 14 January 2011

Winter Scotland

Plenty of snow and ice in Scotland to play on this week with heavy snow showers mixing with some beautiful days to give some enjoyable climbing and skiing conditions - I even had a go at skiing on a rest day ! We also found a little bit of ice to play on in Ben Udlaith ( the only place we could get to after one particularly heavy snowfall left everywhere else in knee deep powder ) The thaw which started in mid week will help to consolidate the new snow and hopefully improve conditions for the next Scottish courses. Unfortunately the thaw has removed a lot of snow from the Welsh mountains this week, so it looks as though we'll miss out again on good conditions for the weekend climbing course in Snowdonia - at the moment the Cairngorms seem the best bet ! - looks like I'm going to have to either going to have to buy a private jet or move to Norway !

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