Monday, 24 January 2011

Snowdonia snow

Last week's thaw stripped the mountains of its wintry coat, leaving only a few snow patches in sheltered gullies, thankfully the weather has been dry and cold,  allowing some limited winter skills training this week, and although we had a bit of a walk to get to the best areas, the pleasant spring like conditions made up for it. Cwm Cneifion was very popular with several teams out making the most of the only complete line in the area - Easy Gully. There were some areas of ice building up, and the paths were very icy - giving us the chance to practise our cramponing skills before getting onto the steeper snow slopes - which were in excellent condition. Day two took us up to the Trinity face of Snowdon, and although the big gully lines were not complete, we were able to try out some ice axe braking and looked at snow anchors - we found a  4m ice step to play on, and even placed an ice screw !
A very pleasant day in the sunshine !

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