Tuesday, 23 November 2010

North Wales Mountaineeering

November, as usual, has been a mixed month - the days are short and the weather variable, courses are a little fragmented, with the change of emphasis from rock climbing to mountaineering, with some reports of winter climbing in Scotland, the anticipation to get out onto some snow and ice is building - I took delivery of some new ice axes today, just to get in the mood !

Thanks to James and Christophe for some very enjoyable climbing in the sunshine at Symonds Yat - although not as warm as Christophe's
native France, it was lovely to see the full autumn colours against a blue sky - more blue sky and soft colours in Snowdonia last week, although we had to endure one day of persistent cold rain and strong winds - thanks to Mark, Brett, Tim, Chris and Barry for rising to the challenge - they had already enjoyed some fantastic weather in the mountains early in the week on a mountaineering course with me assisting on the more technical days - they were all still going well though even by Friday - good effort !

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