Monday, 1 November 2010

More Autumn colours !

Introductory courses this week continued to enjoy the good conditions - and despite early forecasts for rain, the warm temperatures improved conditions instead, allowing us to pick and choose the best routes.
Improving confidence has been a popular theme for courses recently and with the good conditions we have concentrated on climbing routes which, although being challenging, have been achievable. This can be a bit of a problem on limestone, as it has the characteristic of forming steep and often overhanging cliffs - quite intimidating if you are not used to the verticality ! it does, however, compensate to a degree with fairly positive holds.
The more relaxed angle routes are at a premium - often with ques on the best and with subsequent polished holds ) luckily this hasn't been too much of a problem this week, with only a few teams out, despite being half term. Without getting involved in too much ' pyschobabble' I've been researching the mental development which goes along with the technical development when learning to climb and have found a few more strategies which may help in progression.

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