Monday, 1 March 2010

MIC assessment week

My MIC assessment has been the focal point of my winter season so far - however the weather and conditions lately have been so good that I even managed to forget about the assessment and actually enjoy being out in the mountains !!
Thanks to everyone who volunteered as practice clients - with your help and encouragement I managed to pass !!
Maybe I can relax a little now and make the most of one of the best winters I've experienced in Scotland.

Thanks for last week - Tom and Steph, Mike and Aaron, Wendy, Alyson and especially Mary for their enthusiasm and encouragement .


Anonymous said...

That's brilliant congratulations!!!!


Matt said...


Well done. Congratulations. I'm happy to hear that you've passed. I've got some pictures of the Fiaciall Ridge on the day that I saw you, they are here: