Monday, 28 September 2009

Alps Trip

Last week saw me and a friend of mine - Rob Johnson - in the Alps, forecasts for the week and reports of thin conditions ( with lots of serac and rockfall reported ) had us a bit concerned, however, despite our arrival day being showery and overcast, the rest of the week was superb with blue skies and brilliant sunshine - allowing us to tick off a few routes - Cosmiques Arete on Aig. de Midi , the Chere Coulloir and Contamine / Grisolle route on Mte Blanc de Tacul. With a two day adventure to the Tete Blanche , with the crevasses on the Glce. De Tour giving us a lot of stress - due to a combination of the thin conditions and my complacency in the early hours !!

Headaches, handshakes, aching calf-muscles and lots of fantastic photos !!

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